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First official single off the band’s upcoming studio album, Come Around Sundown, which is released October 19. [double click to enjoy on YouTube]

Here is the confirmed track listing for “Come Around Sundown“:
The End
The Face
The Immortals
Back Down South
Beach Side
No Money
Pony Up
Mi AmigoPickup Truck

KOL talk about new single ‘Radioactive”


CNN – MGM Resorts defended its safety practices today after amateur video surfaced showing a lion attacking its trainer inside its habitat at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, as horrified visitors to the hotel looked on. The video shows two trainers along with a lion and a lioness inside the habitat – a popular attraction at the hotel that opened more than 13 years ago.

Dave Salmoni, a big cat expert for Animal Planet, told CNN’s “Rick’s List” that the lion appeared to try to show his dominance over the trainer after the man “stiffened” when the animal turned his gaze on him. “What that tells the lion is: that guy’s nervous,” Salmoni said, adding that the lion interprets that nervousness into a need to dominate. “He went over and was doing what I would consider to be like a teenager testing his boundaries,” he said of the lion. “He went in and said, ‘I know I’m not allowed to bite people but I’m going to bite you and see what you can do back to me.'”

“Incidents where animal handlers are bitten are very rare,” he said, adding that the trainer “is in good health and anxious to return to work.”
Yeah, I bet he’s “anxious” to return to work. Very fucking anxious.

Every once in a while you gotta be like, “You know I’m a fucking lion, right?” The best part is the lioness going “seriously honey, calm down, he ain’t worth it.”

So Kanye West finally apologized to Taylor Swift on Twitter. It’s not an official apology until it’s on Twitter…wait imma let you finish but Louis CK had the best tweet of all time!

Shit, I go away for 5 days to drink wine in California and the US Open Tennis went completely fucking hardcore. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome. If you have seen this already…um…did I mention I was in Napa for 5 days? Drinking. Wine. Vino.

The low down: a young man got into a shouting match with an elderly couple during the eighth game of the first set of the Djokovic-Petzschner match up at Arthur Ashe Stadium, eventually leading to an all-out fistfight between the dude and nearby spectators. Apparently the argument was over the guy’s “repeated use of the f-word.” And the old lady hit him first which you don’t see in this clip. Good times. Good energy. Old people are bullies, etc etc

Djokovic beat Petzschner but who cares? These punks have no idea how good Djokovic’s forehand is.

As long as Federer wins the US Open everything will be fine. Calm down people.

Two toothless Pinoy pals calling themselves “The Wang and Only” have been making bizarre lip-dub videos and posting them to their Facebook page.

Isn’t this what the internet was meant for?