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“Medical” Marijuana-infused ice cream hits shelves in California. Creme de Canna, dubbed High Scream, is a pot-infused treat that sells for $15 and contains two to four doses of marijuana, according to the labels. It comes in three flavours: Banannabis Foster, TRIPle Chocolate Brownie and Straw-Mari Cheesecake.

Created by Jonathan Kolodinski, the products are being pitched to U.S. card-carrying medical marijuana patients. “It’s been my passion to make medical marijuana not only highly effective, but deliciously amazing,” he said in an interview with San Jose Mercury News. “I’ve wanted to bring my product line to the market for a long time.

Now all we need is Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s on board. This is just what the world needs, a tub of ice cream that gives you the munchies.


Get ready for a new internet catch phrase now that “Oh my God it’s a double rainbow” is old news. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you: “Dude, it’s fucking funneling!”

New drinking game: Drink everytime they say ‘Dude!’