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“Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!”

Today Lindsay’s bail was revoked, she was cuffed and taken into custody. THERE IS NO BAIL! Breaking reports say she cannot get out of jail, she will be in prison until her court date, Oct 22. She will be taken from court immediately back to Lynwood, the same jail where she was last time. Why is this all happening again? Well, Firecrotch tested positive twice for narcotics and violated her probabtion in the few weeks since getting out of jail.

Reports from inside the court say Lohan’s attorney asked about bail and Judge Elden Fox interrupted her and said, “No”. They say Lindsay was very stoic this time, no crying, no thrashing about. This is as harsh as the judge could have possibly been. She will be processed again today, meaning a new booking photo.

There is no possibility of early release for this, the sheriff CANNOT let her out. The judge can change her mind but no she won’t…unless…no, she won’t.
To celebrate, here are some recent pics of Lindsay out in public showing off her breasts. You’re welcome.


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