Charlyne Yi vs TMZ!

Posted: 2010/10/04 in Celebrity
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TMZ attempts to smear Charlyne Yi for being a compassionate human being, but forgets she’s a filmmaker who isn’t shy about firing back.
The purpose of this video is to shed truth on something that was stripped of all meaning.
To learn more about the cause:
Perhaps it is foolish to upload this on the account that is me, one tiny person versus… TMZ. But sometimes, there are things worth standing up for.

I am SHOCKED about TMZ! This is an outrage. There are people in the media lying about celebrities. Something. Must. Be. Done.

  1. Christopher Grant (@ ChrisGrant): this is a meta: guess how many hours I can endure hours miserable Final Fantasy XIII (12 + at the moment!) before. I am approaching closely, right? I must be approaching closely.

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