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9-year-old writes letter to Captain Jack Sparrow asking for help in staging a mutiny against her teachers, Johnny Depp — who is in London filming Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 — shows up at her Greenwich school dressed as Jack Sparrow to surprise her.

Cell phone camera footage of Johnny Depp’s surprise appearance.


“I wanted to portray a unique view of the incomparable Coachella experience. Following the crowds in the sunshine from arrival, camping, exploring the art in the arena, all the way through to the headliners at night, this film brings a miniature feel to this huge festival. For more information about how it was done, please see here:” Sam O’Hare


Jeremy Kyle Show guest gets upset after learning that he was the father, throws an envelope at the host.

Even is Jeremy Kyle is a dick, you can’t just go around throwing envelopes at talk show hosts. Who throws an envelope? Honestly.