The 2 Best Worst Films of All Time

Posted: 2010/11/02 in Film
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2) The Room
“In 2003, Tommy Wiseau wrote, produced, directed, and starred in one of the worst movies of all time. The Room. It…just…there are no words for how bad this is. Characters get introduced as multiple different people. Emotions shift rapidly from sentence to sentence. Wiseau is completely unintelligible, alternating between mumbling and yelling his way between the scenes. What the hell is with the drug dealer stuff? Or the breast cancer subplot, which is mentioned once, and never again? Apparently all the actors had next to no experience, and the role of Mark was only cast 72 hours before the filming started, and was a friend of Wiseau’s. After being so utterly mocked and derided for being a festering shitheap of a movie, Wiseau started claiming that the entire thing was intentional, an ironic black comedy. Everyone (and I mean everyone) involved with the $6 million flop says otherwise.”

1) Troll 2
“Could there ever be any doubt? Hell, there’s even the documentary about it, called “The Best Worst Movie.” Everything about it is gleefully horrible, and if you haven’t made a midnight showing of it around you anywhere, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Troll 2 (which neither contains trolls, nor is a sequel) has monsters that look like they were made of burlap sacks, and features the only time ever when eating a bologna sandwich has saved the day. A number of the kids involved grew up into hipsters, so the guy who famously yells OOOOOHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOOODDD at one point now has a twitter account as ArnoldOMG, and the main kid made the documentary and comes along to many showings to ironically mock the flick he was in.”

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