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On The Today Show this morning, a sad story about a family’s Christmas without their father and husband, who died in Afghanistan, turned into a one-kid show when Keegan Roberts put the sadness on pause by dancing in front of the cameras. Keegan can’t help it. When the camera’s red light goes on, the music in his head turns on and out come the jazz hands…

It would be too harsh to say that at least the free Xbox Kinect will help them all lose weight. Instead I will go with: Mom needs to start investing in sequins for his future.


“John Jacobson teaches his original choreography for the song Planet Rock. Planet Rock is an original composition of John Jacobson and all credit goes to him.”

John Jacobson: The man, the myth, the original choreographer for his own original composition. The freestyle at the end made it all worth it. Who says white men can’t dance?

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and time to fire Santa for making rude jokes. John Toomey, a Macy’s Santa for the past 20 years, was let go after a couple complained about his penchant for risque humor.

…and all was right again with the world. Wait, Fire Fighter’s Toy Drive you say? So many rude jokes..must fight…urge…to…I will ask this though…how can a non-retarded adult sit on Santa’s lap in a department store and not have a sense of humour? Plus, I’d also like Santa to tell me where all the naughty girl’s live.