A drunk dude harrasses a bouncer outside a Irish Midtown Manhattan bar. A beautiful piece of sidewalk theatre.

The best part of this is that at no point does the bouncer do anything wrong. The guy who clearly enjoys waking up on the pavement was publicly drunk, harassing the bouncer after being told to leave private property, and trying to force his way back in. Bouncer is allowed to use a reasonable amount of force. “That’s a lawsuit!” *smack* “You can’t afford this!” *Smack* “Fuck you!” *Smack*
My only disappointment with this is that the bouncer shows remarkable restraint and doesn’t punch him over the cab and into the hospital. Respect. You can’t sue someone for doing their job. He’s a bouncer. He’s bouncing him away from the door.

The WTF ‘Obvious Outcome’ Award of the Week


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