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Posted: 2011/01/10 in Online Links
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Dishwasher Confusion

I need a dishwasher dont care what color so long as it is a good working dishwasher that is cheap. I have a truck and can pick it up if necessary.

From me to ********@*********.org:
Hello! My name Miguel, I am good working dishwasher. I work at Ricardo’s Pizza as dishwasher for 5 years- me top dishwasher. Leave your dishes very clean and work for cheap. I have no driving license. You pick up, yes?
– Miguel
From John ******* to Me:
haha I want a dishwashing machine not a person who washes dishes. thanks though.

From Me to John *******:
Yes, I wash dishes like machine…even better! You want, yes?

From John ******* to Me:
No! No want!

I want THIS

That is called a DISHWASHER. I don’t want a porto rican who washes dishes!

From Me to John *******:
Oh noooo, I no Puerto Rican. Puerto Ricans very bad dishwashers – no work ethic. I Mexican – very good work ethic! You no worry, Miguel wash all dishes on time, with pride!

Is that your dishwash machine? I use sink and soap but can use machine too.
– Miguel

From John ******* to Me:
NO dude I want to BUY a machine. i dont know if i can be any clearer. you dont understand me do you?

From Me to John *******:
No worry, I leave dishes clear, clean and sparkle!
– Miguel

From John ******* to Me:
dude you obviously have trouble reading english. here. i used a translater.
you comprende?

From Me to John *******:

From John ******* to Me:
oh for crying out fucking loud dude why did i even bother
fuck this

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