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With an American government shutdown looming, Maryland Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards felt she had no choice but to resort to quoting from a White Stripes song in order to drive her point home…

A White Stripes quote whilst wearing white stripes. Take that Republicans!


Bibs aren’t just for babies, they’re also for oxygen thieves.

Seriously America, this is why terrorists hate you.

Somebody said for breakfast you know I like to have some chicken and they like to have the waffles, so they put it together. There you go.” Apparently, one bite can almost put you in hospital.
Ladies and gentlemen, Heidi Watney, out among the commoners for the first time, tried to experience peasant food as a novel way to connect with the people. The result, however, was not the desired one for Queen Heidi, and she found that eating the food of the proletariat was most displeasing to her palette. “Not my first choice,” she said through a forced, grit-teeth smile. “But I got it down.”