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On April 17, 1991 — 20 years ago today — Nirvana took the stage in Seattle at Pioneer Square’s legendary OK Hotel and debuted a song called “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” There were barely any lyrics yet but in just a few months time, the song would alter the course of ’90s popular music.

Of the song, Cobain famously said he “was basically trying to rip off the Pixies… we used their sense of dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard.” It’s an apt homage, considering that Nirvana’s explosive success — and Nevermind’s ushering in of mainstream alternative — was in many ways a culmination of the long road tread by the bands that comprised the ’80s college rock and indie underground universe.


Britain’s Got Talent have done it again! The new Susan Boyle is a 19-year-old IT Engineer named Michael who lives in a caravan site…he proposed to his fiancé in an ‘all you can eat’ Chinese Restaurant called ‘Buffet City’ …
[as usual YouTube have had their embedding disabled, so you’ll have to watch at the source]

Meanwhile in Australia, Nine News Adelaide anchor Kate Collins interrupts your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this urgent news update…

BREAKING NEWS: Woman has hair. More details at eleven. Yet, still more legitimate than 75% of American television news.