“Several people were arrested Saturday afternoon at the Jefferson Memorial, protesting the recent court decision that upheld a ban on dancing at the memorial. According to protester Andrew Sharp, the U.S. Park Police told the group they would be immediately be arrested without warning if they started dancing… He and about a dozen others gathered at the Jefferson Memorial to protest a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling from earlier this month which upheld a ban on dancing at the monument officially put in place last year.”
Yet, the Westboro Baptist Church are free to protest soldier’s funerals wherever they like. This is just like that Footloose movie all over again. The police need to keep in mind that when they outlaw dancing, only outlaws will dance. I can just imagine what the police whispered in the ears of those brave dancing outlaws as they lay powerless on the floor, “You know who also liked dancing? Hitler.” And Hitler was white. Therefore, white people can’t dance. It’s simple math. You can’t deny it.

White People Problems: “I can’t dance at the Jefferson Memorial anymore.”


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