Lindsay Lohan is in jail, and by “in jail” I mean under house arrest and by “house arrest” I mean a $1.4 million condo on Venice Beach. Apparently, celebrities who repeatedly break the law are not only given comfortable sentences but are also free to make a 15 second porno while still under house arrest…and by “porno” I mean a 15 second promo for How much did she make? Only $25 000 and an extra $10 000 bidding credit on the site. So to tell you about how you too can start bidding right away and save up to 94% on items sold by a company with an “F” Better Business Bureau rating because they are a complete scam here’s Lindsay…

Endorsed by Lindsay Lohan! Sign up today!
“The site itself says they offer “unbelievable deals on brand new, brand name products, every day!” So when you think about it this sort of makes sense, because if there’s anyone who knows how to get brand new merchandise for nothing, it’s Lindsay Lohan.” (Quote via: WWTDD)

Why do we continue to care about semi-celebrity fuck ups when there are so many more important things to worry about like politics?

  1. David says:

    Good for Lindsay, that’s awesome. I use Beezid every now nad then and have had some really good luck. Took me a while, though. Lots of stuff to learn.

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