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“Juwanta” Crawl from the Humane Society introduces a cute little purebred Scandinavian pup that’s up for adoption. Next time someone may want to remind the cameraman to zoom in on the puppy.

There’s a good chance he will grow up to be a viking and then ransack your village. Terrifying.

Crazy heckler interrupts President Obama during a fundraiser to call him the “antichrist”. Obama laughs it off, remains cool and then expresses concern for the heckler’s jacket after he is escorted out.

Dear FOX News,
I now hand this video over to you. Please find a way to make President Obama seem like the bad guy for disrespecting the heckler. If possible, send a memo to Bill O’Reilly and ask him to breakdown each second of this speech and put together a ten minute rant on Obama’s crusade against [insert any Republican agenda].
Sarah Palin

The Bridesmaids Blu-ray is filled with bonus extras. One of them is this extended cut of the insta-classic argument scene.

It’s time for Real Talk with Flula Borg.

Drugs. Only the use of drugs can explain the intense delving into the meaning of Daddy Long-legs that this man has undertaken. Fascinating, compelling and rich. And no, Bruce Willis did not kill this guy in a Die Hard movie.

Just when you thought sounding like Freddie Mercury was cool. New cool: Sounding like Eddie Vedder.

“Here’s Marc Martel’s audition for Queen Extravaganza — a live tour with members of Queen in honour of the band’s 40th anniversary. Considering he’s Freddie Mercury reincarnate, I’d say he has a pretty good shot of winning.”

Say it with me: dirty stache.

Very rare footage of Pac and Biggie, pre-beef, freestyling to a Baby J beat.

And you thought where you worked was bad. You could have a boss like this. Gather round it’s time for daily cheer…

After 31 years and 15 studio albums, the legendary rock band R.E.M. has called it quits.

The following announcement was posted to the band’s official site this morning:
To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening.

Michael Stipe = “A wise man once said–’the skill in attending a party is knowing when it’s time to leave.’ We built something extraordinary together. We did this thing. And now we’re going to walk away from it.”

READ Rolling Stone’s article on the break up HERE

20 best ever REM songs @ Paste Magazine

At the end of Charlie Sheen’s Roast, Steve-o broke his nose by running into the fist of Mike Tyson. You heard me.

In the words of William Shatner, “Steve O, what the fuck?!”

Idiocracy by 2020.

In related news, here’s Giants linebacker Michael Boley celebrating his touchdown in last night’s Rams matchup…