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“Juwanta” Crawl from the Humane Society introduces a cute little purebred Scandinavian pup that’s up for adoption. Next time someone may want to remind the cameraman to zoom in on the puppy.

There’s a good chance he will grow up to be a viking and then ransack your village. Terrifying.


Crazy heckler interrupts President Obama during a fundraiser to call him the “antichrist”. Obama laughs it off, remains cool and then expresses concern for the heckler’s jacket after he is escorted out.

Dear FOX News,
I now hand this video over to you. Please find a way to make President Obama seem like the bad guy for disrespecting the heckler. If possible, send a memo to Bill O’Reilly and ask him to breakdown each second of this speech and put together a ten minute rant on Obama’s crusade against [insert any Republican agenda].
Sarah Palin

The Bridesmaids Blu-ray is filled with bonus extras. One of them is this extended cut of the insta-classic argument scene.

It’s time for Real Talk with Flula Borg.

Drugs. Only the use of drugs can explain the intense delving into the meaning of Daddy Long-legs that this man has undertaken. Fascinating, compelling and rich. And no, Bruce Willis did not kill this guy in a Die Hard movie.

Just when you thought sounding like Freddie Mercury was cool. New cool: Sounding like Eddie Vedder.

“Here’s Marc Martel’s audition for Queen Extravaganza — a live tour with members of Queen in honour of the band’s 40th anniversary. Considering he’s Freddie Mercury reincarnate, I’d say he has a pretty good shot of winning.”

Say it with me: dirty stache.

Very rare footage of Pac and Biggie, pre-beef, freestyling to a Baby J beat.