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Got 2 hrs 30mins to spare? Ever wanted to watch Pulp Fiction in chronological order?
You’re welcome.


YouTube has finally made its crowd-sourced documentary Life in a Day available for viewing on its website.

The Ridley Scott-produced, Kevin Macdonald-directed project features 90 minutes of footage whittled down from 4,500 hours sent in by thousands of people who answered the filmmakers’ call to record their lives as it unfolded over the course of single day: July 24, 2010.

There’s a shark in the pool. But it’s a really nice pool…

“Just don’t go in the pool!”
What are you, a marine’s biologist?

The Bridesmaids Blu-ray is filled with bonus extras. One of them is this extended cut of the insta-classic argument scene.

a·vant-garde – Noun: the advance group in any field, especially in the visual, literary, or musical arts, whose works are characterized chiefly by unorthodox and experimental methods.
“I’m Pooping” could easily have been directed by David Lynch. An existentialist nightmare in which a boy is forced to shield his eyes from the sun (happiness) with “goggles”. A philosophical conundrum ensues as he helplessly bears witness the raw honesty of his younger sibling’s attempt to reconcile with pure expression.


Jordan Laws relies on a “lifelong obsessions with beats, rhymes and feature films” to compile an eminently finger-tappable rhyming “mega-mix of classic movie lines” set to the tune of an original beat.” You could go as far as to call it a delightfully energetic and poetic ride through cinema history, with both high and low art merging into a single piece. Or you could just watch it.

If you liked that then check out the ‘Golden Age of Video’ by Ricardo Autobahn below…

25 Actors in 3 Minutes.

Too bad thats all the “developing” Natalie Portman ever did.