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U10 Hockey Fight!

Posted: 2011/12/13 in Sport
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Rock ’em Sock ’em Hockey with…9yr-olds!

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Epic jock Brodie Smith is back! This time he’s in Perth to team up with the serious do-gooders at How Ridiculous for the world’s first ever USA vs. Australia International Epic Trick Shot Battle…

There is so much jock trick shot excellence in this video that you may even find yourself shouting, “Bro! Epic shot! High five!” Brodie Smith. Whoah bro, that’s like the most legend jock name ever you frikkin flying disk scientist. Now go get yourself a red solo cup, fill it with Coors light and push play…whoooooo!!!

I’m surprised this sport hasn’t hit the mainstream yet.

I could’ve been a contender, but threw it all away when I tested positive for antihistamines.

Ironically named Serena Williams unleashed her unsportswomanlike wrath on the chair umpire presiding over her US Open women’s final match against Samantha Stosur.

Last time I checked this was America…” Serena has the right to verbally abuse the official because as a he/she tennis player, who was completely outclassed and beaten easily in the US Open final, normal rules of conduct don’t apply.

Sally Pearson (née McLellan) is rather excited and/or can’t speak properly after her Olympic silver medal.

Australia, sort yourselves out. Egyptian football, do the same.

Charlie Brown misses the kick, makes a fool of himself and then gets a yellow card for stupidity.

Couch surfer.

“French UFC fighter Cheick Kongo was all but eliminated in yesterday’s heavyweight bout against American Pat Barry, when a stunning right cross took him from being history to making history.”