The 80s: Synth pop. Bad fashion. Mullets. Whistling.


Sad Keanu may still be sad, but he is most certainly a gentleman.

Got 2 hrs 30mins to spare? Ever wanted to watch Pulp Fiction in chronological order?
You’re welcome.

Aah modern news media, you’re so transparent. This just in: Bullshit is happening somewhere…

Via: The Onion

The best on-air news anchor flubs, gags, and general shenanigans of the year from around America (and Australia). It must just be a coincedence Fox “News” features so often…

It’s true, more teens are having fuck.

“An Occupy LA participant holds an impromptu intervention for epic on-air flubber Serene Branson in an effort to help her curb her out-of-control shopping addiction, but she is simply unwilling to cooperate.”

Yes! You gotta go shopping baby.

The year was 1984 and Billy Squier had just made the worst music video of all time. Fact.

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Elbee Thrie – Possessed

XV – U.F.C