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The MTV VMA’s were on last night and Video of the Year went to Lady Gaga for ‘Bad Romance’. Wait for it…Lady Gaga made another statement with her outfit…a meat dress. The statement I am going to guess is about fashion and the treatment of animals and….to be honest if she wasn’t trying to shock people all the time it would mean more but everyone knows to expect weird outfits from Man-donna. I have an idea for her and her design team: go to H&M or Gap and dress normal for your next performance, no one will see that coming and then her legion of ‘monster’ fans will talk about how she is representing…a parody of…challenging social norms…a statement against…child labour….blah blah blah blah…

More shocking than the meat outfit was Cher who is still wearing that same look from that ancient video where she sits on top of those big navy guns. Scary. Hey MTV, what ever happened to young popstars making out on stage? Meat dresses and Cher. Seriously?


Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” at hitRECord’s latest Summer in the City show. This is the 3rd time JGL has shown up at this place and used his liquid-panty-removing entertainer skills. But who’s counting?

I have to admit the Lady Gaga hitchcock reference in ‘Bad Romance’ is very cool.
“I want your Psycho
Your Vertigo shtick
Want you in my Rear Window
Baby you’re sick”

The JGL man-crush continues. Damn you JGL!

Sometimes, a video gets put online that makes you think: Wow this person shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet.Then rarely a video gets put up that makes you think: Even the person who assisted her in putting this up should be put out of their misery. This is one of those videos.
The official description is: “My final for Video Production I class. Thank you Melissa! Couldn’t have done it without you.” I beg to differ. I wonder if this chick is related to Sarah Palin in some way?

On the Rocks is the University of Oregon’s premiere all male acappella ensemble. Below they perform Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and it’s really well done.

In related news, Gay Unicorn Boy has a full photo shoot for you to enjoy. This post also recieves my prestigious “WTF Award of the Week”. Click to enlarge big boy!