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Forbes have released their latest list of the richest people in the world and Bill Gates is no longer at number one. This reminds me of the time USA also came second in Olympic hockey to Canada. Well done Mexico. However, Bill ‘Microsoft’ Gates has spent a lot of time building charities rather than boosting his personal fortune which has stayed at the 50 billion mark for some time now. U.S. billionaires still dominate the ranks–but their grip is slipping. Americans account for 40% of the world’s billionaires, down from 45% a year ago. The world has 1,011 10-figure titans, up from 793 a year ago but still shy of the record 1,125 in 2008.
But are they happy people? Mosy likely.
Carlos Slim Helu or simply known as Carlos Slim (born January 28, 1940), is a Mexican engineer, businessman largely focused on the telecommunications industry. Carlos Slim sounds kinda Gangsta. I’m sure you don’t get to number 1 without greasing a few hands and busting some kneecaps.
11 countries have at least double the number of billionaires they had a year ago, including China, India, Turkey and South Korea. What do these people do with billions of dollars when there are countless charities around the world in need of support? I’m looking at you Oprah! You can’t take it with you. Share the wealth. Start Angel Network version 2.0. Okay, I apologize, I think I am just angry she is retiring soon and I’m struggling to deal with my emotions in this regard and so I am acting out. We love you Big O. But the rest of you billionaire tycoons, especially the pensioners in the Top 50. Join Bill Gates and Oprah and help some poor folks, environmental agencies, and Africa, and out of work Actors, and Conan O’Brien get a new show.

Billionaire Rankings:
1 – Carlos Slim Helu –53.5 billion (age 70 – Mexican)
2 – Bill Gates – 53 billion (age 54 – USA)
3 – Warren Buffett – 47 billion (age 79 – USA)
4 – Mukesh Ambani – 29 billion (age 52 – India)
5 – Lakshmi Mittal – 28.7 billion (age 59 – India)
6 – Lawrence Ellison – 28 billion (age 65 – USA)
136 – Steve Jobs – 5.5 billion (age 55 – USA)
316 – Steven Spielberg – 3 billion (age 65 – USA)
400 – Oprah Winfrey – 2.4 billion (age unknown…okay, age 56 – USA)
488 – Donald Trump – 2 billion (age 63 – USA)
937 – Xian Yang – 1 billion (age 36 – China) Tied in last place, but don’t feel sorry for Xian, he’s 36 and lives in a country with questionable human rights laws so he will make more money in no time. I hear there are great farmlands in Tibet.

Forbes FULL rankings list and article HERE.

Meanwhile, in Finland a man went out to his garden swing with a lovely cup of hot tea.