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Alberta Health Services President and CEO Stephen Duckett ducks questions about his handling of excessive emergency room wait times by telling reporters he’s busy eating a cookie.

I mean c’mon! He’s eating a cookie. Who can talk about important health service questions when you are eating a cookie?

Then, a Canadian television interview with Dave Coulier takes a turn for the slightly less than cordial.

Uncle Jessie! That’s Uncle Joey! This is an outrage!


Canada is getting its own version of Jersey Shore called Lake Shore aboot a bunch of kids from Toronto out to prove, that when it comes to Reality TV, Canadians can be just as abrasive and off-putting as Americans.

Oh, Canada…what have you done? There is no way this show is going to reflect what Toronto is like, but I’m willing to bet it’s going to be a hit show. *sigh* This is how the world ends, not with cataclysmic earthquakes and raging hellfire, but with a Canadian version of Jersey Shore.

Via: CNN – An “Asian looking male” in his early 20s somehow managed to board an Air Canada flight, and make it all the way from Hong Kong to Vancouver, disguised as an elderly Caucasian man. He was intercepted by the Canada Border Services Agency upon landing in Canada, at which point he “proceeded to make a claim for refugee protection.”

The incident occurred on October 29 on Air Canada flight AC018 to Vancouver originating in Hong Kong. An intelligence alert from the Canada Border Services Agency describes the incident as an “unbelievable case of concealment.” The agency would not discuss when or why the man put on the disguise or details about how he boarded the plane. But the alert indicated that the suspect boarded the plane with a board pass belonging to another passenger. “It is believed that the subject and the actual United States Citizen passenger (whose date of birth is 1955) performed a boarding pass swap, with the subject using an Aeroplan card as identification to board the flight,” the alert said.

Exhibit A Canadian Junior Football League players brawl with fans of a rival team at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario.

Where’s Don Cherry when you really need him?
Because no one wants to pursue charges, police are left with what, by default, they consider a consensual fight, said police media officer Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings. Police rushed to Ivor Wynne Stadium around 7 p.m. Saturday after reports of a large fracas between St. Leonard players and fans in the stands behind the Cougars’ bench.”

Exhibit B Drunk fan climbs goal posts at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Oh, Canada.

Legendary Canadian thespian Gordon Pinsent reads excerpts from Justin Bieber’s recently-published memoir, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Photos have surfaced of the Biebs posing in his hockey gear in Canada back in 2005 and 2006, way before he became arguably the hottest teen lady commodity since Junior Tampax. Look how carefree and innocent he was back then! His Bieber-Do was just merely a bud of the glorious hair plant it would eventually become.

The Bieber also refers to Tim Horton’s as “crack”. The boy is so Canadian. It does make one feel awfully proud. I must say, your Bieberness, maybe you are not the talentless teenage cornball gangsta wannabe playa I thought you were. Is it okay if I call you “My Biebs” from now on? You cute little Canadian kid of hair flicking goodness.