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“In this short clip from his upcoming comedy album Finest Hour, Patton Oswalt offers up the only valid argument against same-sex marriage, and proceeds to render all other arguments null and void.”

The long, strange story of Conan O’Brien‘s exit from NBC and the national comedy/music revue tour that followed gets its final chapter — or coda, really — in the form of the documentary Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.

Zach Galifianakisburg, sans signature mane, sits down with Tila Tequila between two ferns. Oh, and that Jennifer Aniston (of “Friends” fame) stops by, too.

ASDFMOVIE. Yes, I said, ass-duff-moo-vee. Funny. Watch.

p.s., I am punching your salad.

Were you dumped on Facebook? Chris Rock will call your ex and curse them out! “Night of Too Many Stars” An Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education premieres on Comedy Central tonight!