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“At a Venice Film Festival press conference for Madonna‚Äôs universally panned feature film W.E., someone had the audacity to hand her some hydrangeas, which, as everyone knows, she absolutely loathes.”
Warning: This video contains a fake British accent.

Fitting, because most people absolutely loathe Madonna. What a C-U-Next Tuesday.


To celebrate the release of the first official Breaking Dawn teaser Emma Clark (aka NuttyMadam) decided to tape a rather melodramatic Twilight trailer reaction video.

So Bella’s hair looks better than in Eclipse. Good to know.

Urban Dictionary:
Twihard – “Serious/obsessive reader of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, one leap above Twilighters.

The difference between being a Twilighter and being a Twihard, is that Twihards have embraced a new Twiligion (religion based on Twilight). They live and breath Twilight. Most Twihards are for Edward and Bella. Therefore, those Twihards are all for true love & love at first sight. Point out one thing to a Twihard, and they can relate it to Twilight instantly. Savage and wild, they need every single thing to be perfect in the upcoming Twilight movie.”

Meet Kesha. Kesha likes to eat toilet paper. Fact.

Oh well, to each their own. Looks tasty.
Money, however, it’s an acquired taste.

On The Today Show this morning, a sad story about a family’s Christmas without their father and husband, who died in Afghanistan, turned into a one-kid show when Keegan Roberts put the sadness on pause by dancing in front of the cameras. Keegan can’t help it. When the camera’s red light goes on, the music in his head turns on and out come the jazz hands…

It would be too harsh to say that at least the free Xbox Kinect will help them all lose weight. Instead I will go with: Mom needs to start investing in sequins for his future.