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When you are as cool and unstoppable as JGL you are allowed to cover Nirvana’s Lithium live on stage at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. Is it the best cover? No. Does it matter? No. What’s that? He’s starring in Dark Knight Rises? Of course he is.

Check out:

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” at hitRECord’s latest Summer in the City show. This is the 3rd time JGL has shown up at this place and used his liquid-panty-removing entertainer skills. But who’s counting?

I have to admit the Lady Gaga hitchcock reference in ‘Bad Romance’ is very cool.
“I want your Psycho
Your Vertigo shtick
Want you in my Rear Window
Baby you’re sick”

The JGL man-crush continues. Damn you JGL!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings “La Valse à Mille Temps” at that latest hitRECord SUMMER IN THE CITY show. I believe the track is from the fourth album by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel, originally released in 1959. [Thank you Wikipedia!]
Is it Joe or may I call you JGL? You need to stop being so cool. You are starting to make the rest of us look bad.

Tres bien!