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Wavves is an American noise pop punk band based out of San Diego, California. Wavves started in 2008 as the recording project of surf rocker Nathan Williams. They are currently signed to Fat Possum Records.


Band: Warpaint
Song: Bees
Album: The Fool

Band: Foo Fighters
Song: Rope
Album: Wasting Light

Band: Cage the Elephant
Song: Aberdeen
Album: Thank You Happy Birthday

Band: Mother Mother
Song: The Stand
Album: Eureka

At last night’s Grammy Awards, Arcade Fire became the first music group not signed to a major label to win Album of the Year. To celebrate Canada’s victory over America here are some concert videos you need to see…

OK Go’s latest soon-to-be viral music video for ‘End Love’, the fourth single off the band’s latest outing, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

Minus the Bear is an indie-rock group from Seattle, Washington that incorporates elements of ambience and sonic experimentation while maintaining indie influences. This is their latest single ‘My Time’ taken off their album Omni.

What’s with all the colourful outfits and dancing in indie video these days?

Lastly, infamous prostitute pummeler Vince Shlomi AKA Vince Offer AKA the ShamWow! Guy promotes Eminem’s upcoming studio album Recovery in his latest ‘infomercial.’