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The best on-air news anchor flubs, gags, and general shenanigans of the year from around America (and Australia). It must just be a coincedence Fox “News” features so often…

It’s true, more teens are having fuck.

“An Occupy LA participant holds an impromptu intervention for epic on-air flubber Serene Branson in an effort to help her curb her out-of-control shopping addiction, but she is simply unwilling to cooperate.”

Yes! You gotta go shopping baby.


Meet Debbie. She loves cats. This is her first attempt at making a fake eHarmony Dating Video.
I really love cats. Sorry I am getting emotional…And I just want to hug all of them, but I can’t, ’cause it’s crazy. I can’t hug every cat.
Tell me about it.

In a related story…
More teens are having fuck…having luck rather finding summer jobs.