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“Ashton Kutcher, Lake Bell, iJustine, Dave Days, and other put-upon celebs come together to turn the tables on TMZ by following Harvey Levin & co. around for a change in this TMZ-style spoof from Popchips.”

Meanwhile, in Coimbatore a man makes Parotta. *yawn*


When you’re a celebrity and you’re just chillin on the sidewalk drinking coffee, it’s very rare that paparazzi will come up and take your picture. So imagine Shia LeBeouf’s surprise when a photographer did! Shia didn’t take this invasion of privacy lying down, oh no. He threw his cup of coffee on the guy, but you won’t believe what he did next…he ran away, oh yes, he ran like the wind!

As you can see in this video shot Monday, some paparazzi were following Mel Gibson around LA when he pulls over and confronts them. On his way to the car, one of the guys says, “We’re gonna be rich”. If you only heard audio for this you’d think they were being stalked by a lion, but no, it’s just Mel Gibson with his iPhone in the middle of the day on a public street. And then, since he wasn’t doing enough to make them rich, they try as hard as they can to provoke him by asking if he hit Oksana or if he’ll ever work in Hollywood again.
People say that violence is never the answer. When it comes to the paparrazzi it is. They actually made a douchebag like Mel Gibson look like an innocent victim. Congrats, fuckers.

12yr old unknown Greyson Chance covers Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and I’ve got to give him credit, the kid’s got talent. He can play an instrument, he can sing, and I’ll bet he knows where Germany is. Judging by the non-reaction of the girls around him I’d say they probably all go to the same high school and know something about him, if you catch my drift, anyone who can sing that well and have such musical talent at that age should be rewarded with screaming and scrunched up phone numbers thrown at the stage. Unless all the girls, except the blonde in the back row, are total bitches I can’t understand the lack of enthusiasm. He even has the Justin Bieber signature hair. I don’t get it.

A couple weeks ago I profiled Andy Rehfeldt, a musician who changes the instrumentation on pop hits only keeping the original vocal. He’s done it again and I prefer this version of ‘Paparazzi’ to the original.