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The headline grabbed you. Admit it.
I had a lot of cool new videos I wanted to show then I watched Ray William Johnson’s “= 3” this morning and he’s featured them all. Fucker beat me to it. That’s fine, I’m fine, it’s okay, I’m fine, feeling lazy anyway. Ray deserves credit for his vlogging, and he certainly doesn’t need the plug because he regularly get’s well over a million hits on his daily comedy compilations. If you haven’t heard about him, you’re welcome. If you have, then fuck off. I mean, enjoy!

In non-related news, Congratulations America! As of today you have spent over $1,000,000,000,000 on war since 2001.

Check out the COST OF HERE!

Palermo-based denim-monger “New Form” has launched a new campaign starring the bust of a slightly-more-pink-than-usual Hitler, accompanied by the slogan “change your style, don’t follow your leader.”

Surprisingly, some anti-fascist partisans are not too comfortable with the Führer’s visage (harmless as he may seem) being plastered all over Italy. The company, meanwhile, is unperturbed, vowing to press forward with their campaign, with a Mao variant coming soon.

p.s., I love lasagna.