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A 3-year-old headbanger belts out an angsty anti-knotted-hair-brushing anthem while her 6-year-old brother lays down an angry beat. “The kids wanted to send it to iCarly,” says their dad. “Putting it on Youtube was my version of that…as I’m sure it’s not quite iCarly standards.” Way to believe in your kids jeez! I would have said you rock and suggested they submit under the band name iSnarly.
Welcome to the future of metal. Song title: “Don’t Brush My Hair in Knots”.

Jokes below in no particular order…
1) Yeah, I remember my first Bikini Kill concert too.
2) I would rather listen to this than Nickelback.
3) Is this an early Hole cover?
4) Better than anything Ark Music Factory puts out. (See: Rebecca Black)
5) I would totally buy this. No joke.


Rebecca Black kicks off the April Fools fun with a video on the hidden meanings in ‘Friday’ courtesy of Funny Or Die.

Go to the Funny Or Die homepage to watch all the Rebecca Black interviews and spoofs so we can finally kill off this meme and talk about important people like Charlie Sheen.

Btw, there’s a new Disney songbird in town…

That is an excellent Incredible Hulk impression. Seriously though, anyone know of a good exorcist?

Dimitri has something to say about Rebecca Black’s Friday.


“Artist”= Rebecca Black
“Song”= Friday

Partyin’, yeah, partyin’, yeah, fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to death. People online are claiming Rebecca Black is the new Justin Bieber. Other than the face and voice, I don’t agree with the comparison at all.

“Artist”= Zachary Frieman
“Song”= I’m Zack!

Hold on a second…is this a bar mitzvah video or a coming out video?

“Song”= Das Beer Boot

I would also describe myself as “curiously awesome” after watching that.