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Sad Keanu may still be sad, but he is most certainly a gentleman.


A Jon Bon Jovi cover band member makes a very good decision at a very bad time.

Good luck going solo without a guitar.

Spotted at a BLT Steak in Washington, DC. If this isn’t a sign of the times I don’t know what is…

The fact that the 99% burger is just as ridiculously priced as the 1% burger only serves to punctuate just how messed up America really is. Actually, the 1% burger is great for me to poupon!

Young girl chooses dark side.

Something tells me someday this girl is going to need a really good lawyer…

Police Academy movie legend Michael “Motor Mouth” Winslow utilises his signature sound effects to perform a kickass cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” on a Norwegian talk show…

Look very carefully at the picture below, when you see it try not to shit your pants…

Redditor wiserton27 says: “Whenever Michael Jackson does the Moonwalk, I never look at his feet. I look at his neck… You should too.”
Video warning: May change everything.

In other freaky video links, ScreamCamTV suggest there are better ways to handle yourself when walking through a haunted house tour…

You can question his masculinity all you want, he’s the one rolling with 5 bitches. Well played, Sir. I tip my cap to you.

There is hope for the youth afterall…

Parenting feedback: You’re doing it right!

In other adorable kid news, this is probably the worst Taekwondo fight you will ever see!

Sweep the leg! FINISH HIM!

Just when you thought sounding like Freddie Mercury was cool. New cool: Sounding like Eddie Vedder.