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If this doesn’t end Herman Cain’s presidential run, nothing will. Cain starts off with “I don’t agree with Obama and here’s why” and then chokes big time.

Cain has lot of thoughts “twirling around” his head. Who else you got GOP? It’s starting to look desperate.


Speaking of a “fox on the beach”, Sarah Palin for President in 2012 anyone? … …anyone?

Joke goes like this, “Sarah Palin and Donald Trump walk into a pizza joint…” The end.

Who eats pizza with a fork?! Fucking rich Republican attention whores.

It’s no secret Big Arnie recently split up with Skeletor lookalike Marie Shriver. It may have had something to do with the fact that he had a secret love child 13yrs ago with a … um …rather plain looking member of his household staff (Mildred Patricia Baena). Anyway, The Terminator had a good run messing up California as Governor and let’s face it he was married to Marie Shriver for a long time and she looks like something you would have to kill in a video game to advance to a new level. The real victim here is Arnold Schwarzenegger. His movies have grossed over $1 Billion and he managed to get through 25yrs of marriage with this…

…I’d like to add that he went on to have a major Hollywood career after starring in ‘Hercules in New York’ and is, therefore, above criticism. The end.