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If this doesn’t end Herman Cain’s presidential run, nothing will. Cain starts off with “I don’t agree with Obama and here’s why” and then chokes big time.

Cain has lot of thoughts “twirling around” his head. Who else you got GOP? It’s starting to look desperate.


ESPN announced today that it will pull Hank Williams Jr.’s familiar Monday Night Football theme song after the country music prince compared President Obama to Hitler on this morning’s Fox & Friends. He then went on to claim Obama and Vice President Biden were “the enemy,” confusingly referring to them as “The Three Stooges.” It’s no surprise that the interview was conducted by Fox News, however it is surprising that a man like Hank Williams Jr. managed to get all the way through school without learning much History, English or Math.
Fox News morning meeting: “Who can we get on our show to talk about Obama?” “How about that crazy country guy who sings about getting ready for a football game?”

You know who is like Hitler? Hitler.” – Jon Stewart