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Ironically named Serena Williams unleashed her unsportswomanlike wrath on the chair umpire presiding over her US Open women’s final match against Samantha Stosur.

Last time I checked this was America…” Serena has the right to verbally abuse the official because as a he/she tennis player, who was completely outclassed and beaten easily in the US Open final, normal rules of conduct don’t apply.


Mansour Bahrami couldn’t afford a tennis racquet growing up, so he used frying pans and broom handles to imitate the players he saw while working as a ball boy at sports complex in Tehran. When a friend gave him a used racquet, Bahrami snuck into the courts to play, but the day he had longed for ended abruptly when a security guard kicked him out — but not before beating him with his own racquet.

So begins the cinematic life story of the man they call “tennis’ greatest entertainer,” who fled his home country after his game was banned, ended up living on the streets of Nice after gambling away all his money, yet somehow managed to find himself in the French Open Doubles finals thanks in large part to the unusual style he developed while playing with pans.

And through it all he maintained one hell of a mustache.

I would cast Daniel Day Lewis in the inevitable biopic.

Band: Deltron 3030
Song: Mastermind
Album: Deltron 3030

Band: The Pass
Song: Crosswalk Stereo
Album: Colors EP

Band: Tennis
Song: Marathon
Album: Cape Dory

Full album stream of the new MOTHER MOTHEREUREKA!

While shooting the promotion video for “The Match for Africa” Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal got the giggles.

Arch rivals on the courts, but friends outside. Or you could just say, “Aaaaaaw the two best tennis players in the world are buddies. Super cute!” Or you could say, “Rafa can’t speak English for shit.” Or you could say, “Roger you are so Swiss.”

Shit, I go away for 5 days to drink wine in California and the US Open Tennis went completely fucking hardcore. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome. If you have seen this already…um…did I mention I was in Napa for 5 days? Drinking. Wine. Vino.

The low down: a young man got into a shouting match with an elderly couple during the eighth game of the first set of the Djokovic-Petzschner match up at Arthur Ashe Stadium, eventually leading to an all-out fistfight between the dude and nearby spectators. Apparently the argument was over the guy’s “repeated use of the f-word.” And the old lady hit him first which you don’t see in this clip. Good times. Good energy. Old people are bullies, etc etc

Djokovic beat Petzschner but who cares? These punks have no idea how good Djokovic’s forehand is.

As long as Federer wins the US Open everything will be fine. Calm down people.

Briton Robert Dee took action against the Daily Telegraph over an article written in April 2008. The 23-year-old argued that the article was “offensive” and could blight his potential future career as a tennis coach. The newspaper argued that its article was not defamatory when read together with another piece in the same edition. Today, the judge in the High Court agreed with the newspaper. “The claimant is a professional player who did indeed lose 54 consecutive matches in tournaments on the international professional circuit during which he did not win one set. His record of consecutive losses was the world record equalling worst-ever run of consecutive losses on the international professional circuit.”

Firstly, if you lose 54 consecutive matches without even winning a single set MAYBE it is time to consider a career change. Also, it is no suprise that the world’s worst tennis player is English. They’re so desperate as a nation to find tennis talent that they’re even claiming Scotland’s Andy Murray as one of their own. Then again it’s not like they have a track record of poaching sporting talent from other nations…um…

“Giving Up the Gun” is (arguably) the best song from Vampire Weekend’s superb new album ‘Contra’, and the track’s music video has the potential to boost it even further. According to an Anthem interview with the clip’s co-director, Emmett Malloy, it revolves around a “bizarre-o tennis match” featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Any excuse to have a picture of Jake shirtless. Oh please, don’t even pretend to look away!

WATCH! ‘Giving up the gun’ – Vampire Weekend