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This informative news item brought to you by the good folks at FOX news. Meet me at the Fat Ho for a Sloppy Ho Biscuit!

“They say ooh that ho is big or look that ho is tight….and people say oh the economy’s bad and yadda yadda…somebody’s got to keep their sense of humour around here.”
“The volunteers at The Gospel Cafe wished the burger joint were a little more ho – ly.”

The WTF Supa Dupa Fly Ho With Cheese Award of the Week


SOUTHLAKE, Texas — A Texas teenager who broke curfew is headed for a reluctant adventure in baby-sitting.

Robert Rausch placed an advertisement offering his daughter’s free baby-sitting services in the community newspaper in Southlake, a wealthy suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth that is home to business leaders and professional athletes. The advertisement includes a photo of Rausch’s 16-year-old-daughter, Kirstin, and says, “Want a FREE BABYSITTER for a night out?” It explains that she is in trouble for missing her curfew and offers 30 hours of free baby-sitting.

Rausch said he wanted to discipline his daughter and help others at the same time. And it appears his daughter has already learned a lesson. Kirstin said she won’t violate curfew again or throw more late-night parties.

Wait, so they are saying she is a naughty babysitter and she needs to be punished. How could this possibly end badly? As David the AdFreak pointedly remarks, “if I were looking for a babysitter, disobedience wouldn’t be much of a selling point.” Although, for the wealthy pro athletes who live in the area I think the words ‘baby-sitter’ ’16’ and ‘disobedient’ are um….selling points.