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“BBC Comedy visits a support group for old-school Radiohead fans.”


Thom Yorke showed up at LA’s Low End Theory last week to perform a surprise DJ set. Footage from the event has finally made its way online…

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is famous for his crazy dance moves during live performances, and the new video for ‘Lotus Flower’ doesn’t disappoint. It’s just Yorke in a top hat going ballistic fruit salad for five minutes. And while the video only hit the internet six days ago, it’s been more than enough time for it to become a full-blown meme…
The Original

Surfin’ Yorke

Thom gets rowdy to Slayer

Faust Arp :58 Fake Plastic Trees 4:02 Weird Fishes 9:08 The National Anthem 14:40 Nude 19:31 Karma Police 23:54 Kid A 29:00 Morning Bell 33:56 How to Disappear Completely 39:00 A Wolf at the Door 44:45 The Bends 48:18 Reckoner 53:30 Lucky 59:25 Bodysnatchers 1:03:45 Dollars and Cents 1:08:17 Airbag 1:14:35 Exit Music 1:19:50 Everything in its Right Place 1:27:00 You and Whose Army 1:30:45 Pyramid Song 1:34:28 All I Need 1:39:38 Lotus Flower 1:46:34 Paranoid Android 1:52:57 Street Spirit 1:59:39

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Photobomb (verb)- to drop in a photo unexpectedly. An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the shot.

Radiohead Live From The Basement Full Show (63mins)